If you were trying to reach the HP/UX Software Archive, we're sorry but the system has died and the person who maintained it left the University several years ago. Since this was a special (personal) project of his running on standalone hardware, it wasn't maintained nor backed up. For more details, please read on.

The current HP/UX archive system we have, has physically lost a hard drive - the hard drive holding the archive, as Murphey specified. With the age of the hardware and other considerations, the chances of recovering this particular system is a flat zero. It's dead.

However, we are in communication with the archive's sponsor/maintainer and trying to work out the possibility of serving the HP/UX archive off of one of our existing Linux systems. Unfortunately, the software which current handles the process of mirroring the archive between systems is written and compiled for HP/UX only - and will not run on Linux as-is.

The archive maintainer is hopeful that he can port the software over to Linux (he's currently serving the archive from a Linux system) but until he has done so, there is no way to accomplish this feat.

So the short answer is, we're trying to work out a new HP/UX archive server, but there is currently no ETA or estimation of success in the project. Sorry.